You can always hire us for consultation by the hour.   We've got ideas, advice, and how-to for your property.  And we can provide oversight when you're not around.


Maybe you are a DIYer.

Have you ever looked at images of a beautiful garden and wondered how you could translate the design to your site?

Not sure how to care for the plants on your property?

What plants are worth saving during a renovation or construction project?

Need help prioritizing and planning landscape projects?

Maybe you have your own landscaper and crew.  

Your lawn crew is great, but they need a little help understanding what to do in the gardens.

Does your weekend home and crew need oversight or assistance during the week?

You have tropicals/interiors/greenhouse care that need extra TLC or changeouts.

Maybe you just need help with a small landscape issue.

How can you solve that nagging drainage issue?

What is a good tree for a particular spot on your property?

Where should you site a new patio?

Or help finding a talented arborist to prune your small trees.



Landscaping Consultation

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