Everyone is busy.   In our world of 24/7 demands, we find ourselves looking for ways to better focus, and to be highly selective about how we spend our time.

Time in your garden should be a source of solace and energy, not annoyance or drudgery.

We will manage your landscape as if it were our own.    You can trust us to show up and toil in earnest with a fine eye for detail and with an honest work ethic.    Once we've learned your priorities and standards, we require no oversight, only feedback to ensure we keep meeting your needs.   

Our maintenance services include:

  • pruning small trees and shrubs

  • fertilizing 

  • mulching

  • watering

  • deadheading

  • staking

  • organic disease & pest management 

  • perennial garden care

  • cutting garden care

  • vegetable gardens

  • container plantings

  • seasonal annuals 

  • exterior holiday decor

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Landscape Maintenance