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Understated visual drama using a palette of natural materials best suited to the site is our specialty.    If you are starting with a blank slate, renovating an old garden, or completely rethinking a landscape, we find innovative solutions which successfully marry your goals and budget with the genius of the place.

"In a beautiful garden the majesty of nature is ever present, but it is nature

reduced to human proportions and thus transformed into the most efficient

haven against the aggressiveness of contemporary life."  -  Luis Barragán



We work with those who are looking for something extraordinary — a “maintained” landscape well-situated in the surrounding environment, beautiful gardens which highlight existing and planned architecture, exuberant plantings that support and coexist with other species without excessive unnatural inputs.  Our service style focuses on delivering this landscape with as little fuss as possible.   We want you to enjoy the results while we toil quietly behind the scenes.    


We are a design/build firm.    Ideally, we maintain or consult on the maintenance of our landscapes.    Maintenance is ultimately a part of the design of the garden over time.   It all goes together. 

We do NOT provide stand-alone designs for others to install.

We do NOT install designs by others.


Initial meeting

The initial meeting is primarily a fact finding mission -  to take in preliminary information about the site, and your needs/wishes for it, budgetary guidance.    After the meeting, we will provide a written recap of our takeaways, and offer some options to proceed (a starting design brief).   There is no charge until you hire us to proceed to next steps.


Next Steps

Site Analysis

We perform a full site inventory and analysis as dictated by scope of project.   A site survey is helpful, and may be required for larger or more complex sites.


Client Input

We solicit more in-depth feedback regarding landscape function, goals, inspirational images, budgetary guidance.  

Design Brief Update

The initial document is updated based upon site analysis and client input, and shared with client for approval.

Concept Planning - Phase One

Guided by the design brief, we will get to work on a Concept Plan, a vibrant vision for the property/project.  Planning at this stage is focused on broad strokes -- general landscape alterations, inspirational opportunities, circulation and mood.    Included are approximate locations for planting beds/lawn areas/paving, planting schemes, suggested contour changes, plans for old and new trees, screening, and any details we feel relevant to a successful landscape design.   The initial Concept plan will be primarily a verbal on site deliverable to keep the design process lean and fruitful before spending extensive time on developing plans on paper.   


Concept Planning - Phase Two

This is the phase for revision and refinements of Initial Concept.   If additional design development is necessary or warranted to prepare for construction/install, it is completed at this time.   Plant palettes may be refined.    We do ask our clients to allow some wiggle room for creativity during installation to take advantage of unexpected opportunities that present on site and in the plant selection process.

Installation Planning

Once the design concept is finalized and approved, detailed estimates for installation will be provided.  


Landscape Construction

Upon approval of installation estimates, construction can begin.   Our design work continues in this phase as we make adjustments based upon site work and product availability.    All the design work to this point informs our decisions and allows us to pivot with ease while staying in alignment with the design vision.

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