Understated visual drama using a palette of natural materials best suited to the site is our specialty.    If you are starting with a blank slate, renovating an old garden, or completely rethinking a landscape, we find innovative solutions which successfully marry your goals and budget with the genius of the place.

"In a beautiful garden the majesty of nature is ever present, but it is nature

reduced to human proportions and thus transformed into the most efficient

haven against the aggressiveness of contemporary life."  -  Luis Barragán


The design process generally involves two phases - a concept phase and then a more detailed design development phase.   Smaller projects or knowledgeable clients may allow the phases to be compressed with fewer steps. 

During the Concept Plan Phase, we solicit your needs, goals, and aesthetics and perform a full site inventory and analysis.   We will then prepare a brief for your review and feedback.  Once complete, we will prepare a concept plan for your site.    Additional drafts will be prepared as necessary to finalize a concept for detailed development. Rough budgets and priorities should be established.    To see examples of past concept plans, click here.

Once the concept plan is finalized and approved, more detailed designed plans can be developed.   This phase ensures that you have a good understanding of design, and that design will meet your needs.    More detailed assessments of topography, access, services, drainage challenges are undertaken and colleagues/specialists/municipalities consulted if necessary.   We also create a timeline/job sequencing document. The last design step involves revisiting construction budget with client in preparation for construction.  

Garden & Landscape Design