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The Garden of Ideas is a ten acre private stroll garden in Ridgefield, Connecticut.  It was designed and developed by Svendsen and Keller.    Principal Joseph Keller grew up on the property and began gardening there as a young man.  He experimented, watched and waited, honing his craft, his design sense and horticultural expertise over the next thirty years.   For many of those years the gardens were open to the public and featured a large collection of outdoor sculpture.    In 2017, Yankee Magazine named the Garden the best botanical garden in Connecticut.    In 2020, with other projects calling, the difficult decision was made to sell the property; a new owner has taken over the reins and the quiet enjoyment of this magical place.   It is now closed to the public.  It is permanently documented here in the Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens.

Natural Garden Design

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